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I hope you enjoy my photos. Fleeting glmpses of some travels and some enjoyable times in my life. Please visit often, as I plan to scan old photos, keep adding to this.

Images on this site are © Paul Harris, or the original owner. Use without permission is stealing. Some photos have links to more information on the Internet. Click for more info.

Artsy shots, funky buildings, etc.

The title says it all.

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BC, my birthplace, and home for over half my life.

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Cariboo/Chilcotin 2015

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A few cats who have owned me

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Condo in Duncan

A few pix of my condo in Duncan, BC.

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Cuba 2012

Cuba 2012, I mostly saw only Havana. A combination of chaos and colour, confusion and joy, a study in contradictions. I visited briefly in 2012, would love to go back some day better informed from my first visit. Viva Che! Viva Fidel!

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Friends, and other humans

Pictures of friends and interesitng people here. If you are a friend, do not fear, I will not post your picture without permission, nor will I include any data beyond your first name and initial.

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Hornby Island April 2017

Hornby Island, April 2017

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If you know me, you know I love riding.

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Mount Prevost

Mount Prevost is a small mountain to the north of Duncan, which I can see well from my condo here. I've been taking pictures regularly in the morning, under different conditions of lighting and weather. No pretense here at being art, just perhaps an interesting array of pix.

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Nova Scotia

I love the Maritimes, these are some shots from my 7 years in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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Personal stuff. Feel free to view.

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September 2014 Holiday

In Sept 2014 I took a driving trip around Vancouver Island. Mainly visited small resource communities, some where I lived in the past, others where friends lived. Mishmash of photos here.

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Some screen grabs from places I lived and worked in in the UK. More to come.

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Various family pix, not too interesting to anyone else

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Images from some work situations in my life. Wish I had more variety - more to come.

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Artsy shots, funky buildings, etc  Graveyard of old tour buses