Artsy shots, funky buildings, etc.

The title says it all.
IMG 0301  Buses 2 IMG 0302  Buses 3 Howdy  Typesetting by Randy Strange Butts  The morning after. Butts in pail. I loved the juxtaposition of butts and flowers.
GreatComputerArtPiece  I made this art piece for Dan Hurley in 1988 in Vancouver, for all the help he gave me learning about my first PC, an IBM 8088 clone. DSCF0577  Bomb clock made by Randy Strange. I have long fantasized trying to take it over the border to the south, or perhaps casually placing it on the counter at a bank wicket while I make a withdrawal. Paul1  My evil alter ego Doll head in grass  Creepy Doll's Head
Elephant fan on log Randy Strange Art