Condo in Duncan

A few pix of my condo in Duncan, BC.
DSCF0708  Funky cocktail tray.   Duncan, BC Exterior  Not the most beautiful building, built 1981, but well-maintained and well-run. Hope the big earthquake holds off for a few more decades. DSCF0774  Living room DSCF0776  LR 2
DSCF0701  LR 3 DSCF0699  LR 4 DSCF0773  LR 5 DSCF0698  Stereo/Music shelf
DSCF0703  Piano and guitars- not much played these days DSCF0739  Guitars. The electric is a Yamaha, not much played, bought in Fredericton, 2009. The acoustic is a Guild D-25, bought on Bloor Street in Toronto in 1973 with the proceeds of a UIC cheque. It's been all over Canada, much played, much abused, been dropped, frozen, roasted, kicked, and had beer, wine, and whiskey spilled on it, still a great guitar 31 years later. DSCF0697  Piano and meditation bench Working on Trek  Working on bicycle in my crowded living room.
DSCF0705  Kitchen - note skylight DSCF0709  Kitchen 2 DSCF0710  Kitchen 3 DSCF0707  Dining area
DSCF0711  Curio shelf - made by Paul Clarke DSCF0713  Quasi-Buddhist shrine and curio shelf DSCF0712  The bomb clock DSCF0714  Shrine 2
DSCF0715  Shrine 3 DSCF0716  Shrine with meditation bench, ready to sit for a while. DSCF0757  Shrine at night DSCF0763  Night shrine 2
DSCF0719  Genuine Davey Crocket hat, ca. 1955, as worn by Fess Parker in the Walt Disney movie. DSCF0724  I call this my Christmas Cactus. From the Old Town, Albuquerque, NM. DSCF0726  Hall DSCF0730  Hall 2
DSCF0727  Bathroom DSCF0728  Bathroom 2 DSCF0729  Bathroom 3 DSCF0748  Bedroom. Office area on left, bed on right. iMac is personal computer, laptop in corner is work computer.
DSCF0754  Bedroom - part of office area. DSCF0750  Bedroom - personal and work stations. DSCF0751  Bedroom - my Innovatia workstation and bed. DSCF0753  Dresser - Quartersawn oak, handmade by craftsman in Montreal ca. 1925. One of the few family pieces I still have.
Balcony  Balcony 1 Balcony2  Balcony 2 Balcony3  Balcony 3