Cuba 2012

Cuba 2012, I mostly saw only Havana. A combination of chaos and colour, confusion and joy, a study in contradictions. I visited briefly in 2012, would love to go back some day better informed from my first visit. Viva Che! Viva Fidel!
DSCF0721  History of the Revolution for school children. DSCF0533  Hotel Presidente - my hotel. Built in the 1920s, not much changed since then. DSCF0157  El Presidente from the back/pool side DSCF0154  El Presidente Hotel lobby
DSCF0161  Nearby apartment building DSCF0206  Taken in the hotel outdoors bar. I gave the bartender my running shoes on my last night there. He was ecstatic. DSCF0209  The pool DSCF0210  Another pool shot with some nice 70s moderne architecture in background
DSCF0289  Pool 1 DSCF0288  Pool 2 DSCF0287  Pool 3 DSCF0285  Pool 4
DSCF0291  Pool 5 DSCF0150  Cuban schoolkids singing the national anthem and raising the flag in the morning DSCF0152  View out my hotel window DSCF0189  Old Havana
DSCF0190  Street musicians DSCF0191  Street musicians DSCF0194  Old square DSCF0198  Oldest square in Havana
DSCF0213  The Floridita Bar, where Hemmingway drank, home of the daiquiri DSCF0214  Floridita - basically a ripoff bar for tourists now, where you pay 3 times the normal rate for anything. DSCF0218  Street ladies in creole outfits DSCF0225  Havana street scene
DSCF0226  Street scene DSCF0246  Plaza de Armas DSCF0247  Calle Obispo DSCF0249  Cafe Paris
DSCF0250  Cafe Paris 2 DSCF0252  Cigar seller DSCF0255  National Bank DSCF0262  Hotel courtyard - once a private dwelling.
DSCF0267  Art deco building DSCF0270  Calle Obispo 2 DSCF0309  Hotel Nacional - built by the mob in the 1930s DSCF0298  Courtyard of H. Nacional
DSCF0300  Palm in courtyard DSCF0301  Hotel Nacional courtyard DSCF0312  Typical freelance cab DSCF0315  I liked the 60s-70s feeling to this theatre
DSCF0321  Manuel, and his cab with no springs. Tried to sell me cigars, a restaurant meal, cheap rum, and then gave up. DSCF0323  Manuel's cab DSCF0325  Street scene DSCF0326  Calle San Ignacio
DSCF0335  Street scene DSCF0338  Street scene DSCF0349  Typical Havana street DSCF0354  People live here
DSCF0356  I discovered mojitos in Havana. Many of them! DSCF0358  Electric railway DSCF0365  Dos Hermanos - another reputed Hemmingway hangout DSCF0372  Dos Hermanos
DSCF0373  Juan - I hired him and his car for a half day. DSCF0374  Juan's car DSCF0375  Juan was great, totally friendly, and spoke enough English to be able to understand. DSCF0391  National opera
DSCF0392  Opera DSCF0396  Looks like the Flatiron Building in New York DSCF0397  Narrow Havana street DSCF0408  Street scene
DSCF0429  Monument to the Revolution DSCF0430  Che Guevara on a government building DSCF0467  This tail light is a small work of art in itself DSCF0472  Juan at the wheel
DSCF0493  Some insane kind of multi-stemmed ficus trees DSCF0494  Trees 2 DSCF0495  Trees 3 DSCF0534  Street singers
DSCF0535  This cop was playing spoons with the band - but it looks like he has other things on his mind in this picture! DSCF0536  The coolest guy in Havana DSCF0537  Mr Cool 2 DSCF0538  Street scene with part of the old wall
DSCF0541  Ancient square DSCF0542  Square DSCF0543  Loved the flowers here DSCF0544  Old Spanish church
DSCF0550  Calling all typographers - what is this typeface? DSCF0552  Another look at Art Deco building DSCF0558  Cutie! lenin1  Recognize this guy?