Friends, and other humans

Pictures of friends and interesitng people here. If you are a friend, do not fear, I will not post your picture without permission, nor will I include any data beyond your first name and initial.
Steve K.  Steve K. visiting the  Triumph Meriden factory, June 1979.   Triumph Engineering Steve today  Steve_K. more recently. Can't reveal his full name, but he is a famous author. Friends, and other humans  Pete_K. on his Norton Manx at Westwood Carol at Pullahari Stupas  Carol_L. Editor, writer, compassionate person, Buddhist, world traveller, and a good friend.
Dan H  Dan_H. Master of I.T. connoisseur of cats, who taught me most of what I know of computer tech. Mike G2  Michael G. What a good man he is. I wish I could tell you his full name, but that would be breaking the rules. Paul-JoDee-Robin  Three and a half young hippies sharing one UIC cheque. North Rustico, PEI, ca. 1973.     North Rustico, PEI Gary Foster, Cowboy, Longview, Alta., 1976
Paul and Mike, Topley Landing, Xmas ca 1976 Ron Hamilton - my cat Shadow The Famous Frank B Linda B  Linda_B, chillin' out somewhere south of the Rio Grande. Linda loves cats, kitsch, collectables, C&W music, and is an artist, photographer, and good friend.
Bill Morrison  Bill_M. In no particular order, Bill is a (great) musician, father, lover, educator, biologist, keeper of aquaria, and renovator of heritage houses. Kathy J  Kathy_J.  Buddhist, educator, nurse, lover of Pekinese dogs, and a great person, in front of a Christian church in India. David B  Is that David B. or Roald Amundsen? I think it must be David, as he always did like to hang out with the penguins.   David Berry Young Dave B  David_B as a young folkie : David_B as a young folkie
Dave Rebecca Calla Daphne  Dave Rebecca Calla Daphne - Some of my favourite people. Dave_H  Dave_H. Fisherman extraordinaire, multi-talented musician, a fine woodworker, and all around great human, at his place of employment, a salmon hatchery. Gary B  Gary B. Jazz guitarist and motorcyclist extraordinaire. Randy1  Randy S., lookiing his sartorial best. For reference, Randy made the bomb clock.
NicePants  Randy S., at work. Murray S  Murray S., a good man, and an old friend. Galiano Island, BC. Chris_S.  Chris_S as a young guy, Baffin Island. Chris_S. - Prof at Memorial U.  Chris_S. Prof at Memorial U.
L, G and Meg at anchor  Georgina and Lawrence G self-portrait july 2012  Georgina self-portrait Gary B 2 Gary B 4
Paul - Mike, Christmas night, Paul Joyce's house, Topley Landing,1976 Randy at home Will and Leisa