Hornby Island April 2017

Hornby Island, April 2017
Hornby Island  Vanccouver, Denman, and Hornby Islands I question this grammar  I question tbis grammar GPS display while on ferry  GPS display on ferry GPS 2  GPS 2.
Helliwell Park  Helliwell Park Helliwill Park 2  Helliwell Park 2 Helliwell Park 3  Helliwill Park 3 Helliwell Park 4  Helliwell Park 4
Honrby Cemetary 2 Hornby Cemetary 3 Hornby Cemetary 4 Hornby Cemetary 5
Hornby Community Centre Hornby Island Recycling Depot 2 Hornby Island recycling depot Entrrance to community centre
Fanny Bay Inn 1 Fence art- Seen at at intersection Shale
Shark attack Shellfish area closed Silly things abound on stumps Solar demonstration
Stiil Life with Feet 1 Still life with Crocs clones Stump art and wine 1 Stump art and wine 2
Stump art Swiss Army knife The Cabin 1 The cabin 2
My Swiss Army Knife Axe and stump art 2 Axe and stump art Bark 1
Bark 2 Bark 3 Bark 4 Bark 5
Bicycle in tree 2 Bicycle in tree 3 Bicycle in tree 4 Bicycles in tree 1
Big Tirbune Bay 1 Cabin1 Campbell's Soup 2 Campbell's Soup
Coast Mountains Community Centre entrance Crows in a basket Torso in the woods
Tree Service Trees, sun behind Typical bicycle Upthrust shale
Woodshed 1 Woodshed 2