If you know me, you know I love riding.
Honda55  Portrait of the artist as a young motorcyclist - Honda 55, ca. 1964   Honda 55 Fred working on a Triton, Hornsey Motorcycle Company  Fred @ the Hornsey Motor Company, working on a Triton Hornsey  Working on an old BSA Gold Star in the back yard of our house in Hornesy, North London, 1970. BSA Gold Star Honda Nighthawk at Seaton Lake  Honda Nighthawk, Seaton Lake
Honda Nighthawk 2  Gearing up for camping, Fraser Canyon Honda Nighthawk 3  Parked outside cabin at Watch Lake Honda Nighthawk 4  Fraser Canyon Honda Nighthawk 5  Bike with tank bag and map case
Honda Nighthawk Geared up for camping, Fraser Canyon  Ready for a long ride, Fraser Canyon BikefromTop  My bike from the balcony of a motel. Kawasaki 0201  My last bike, a Kawasaki Voyager touring bike. Loaded with features, 1200cc of Kawi power, a great bike to ride.      Kawasaki Voyager
Kawasaki 0250  Another shot of Mr Kawi. This bike could smoke any stock Harley on the road, if I wished to do so. Kawasaki 0926  Early morning dew on the windshields of my bike, and my friend Gary Bowman's machine, Tofino, BC. Kawasaki 1093  The anti-Harley: flowers and Buddha on the dash. MC1
MC2 MC3 MC4 Hornsey2
HornseyGoldStar Gold Wing 1 Gold Wing, dock, Uchuck !! Gold Wing, Fraser River
GoldWing 2 GoldWing 3 GoldWing 4 Honda Nighthawk, Fraser Canyon 2
Honda Nighthawk, Fraser Canyon Two bikes, top of Mount Baker