September 2014 Holiday

In Sept 2014 I took a driving trip around Vancouver Island. Mainly visited small resource communities, some where I lived in the past, others where friends lived. Mishmash of photos here.
DSCF0929  Beaver Cover dryland sort. In a dryland sort logs are separated into species, bundled, then loaded on trucks or pushed into the water for boooming to another locations.  Dryland sort DSCF0919  Beaver Cove DSCF0917  Beaver Cove DSCF0927  Beaver Cove
DSCF0938  Abandoned logging steam engine. DSCF0939  Logging engine 2. DSCF0941  Logging engine 3. DSCF0972  Engines. Englewood Logging Railway. This is the last logging railway still operating in North America.  Englewood Railway
DSCF0952  Englewood Railway engine. DSCF0967  Logs on railcars. DSCF0948  Logs on railcars 2. DSCF0992  Water taxi to Alert Bay.  Alert Bay
DSCF0995  Cormorant on piling, Alert Bay. DSCF1008  Houses, Fir St., Alert Bay. DSCF1001  Houses 2, Fir St., Alert Bay. DSCF1003  Abandoned BC Packers net shed, Alert Bay. The waterfront was once lined with these, this is the only one left, and will crumble soon. My cousin Guy and I had a cabinet shop in this building in the early 1980s.
DSCF1014  Totem poles, Alert Bay. DSCF1015  Totem pole. DSCF1016  Totem pole. DSCF1026  Decrepit house, Alert Bay. I lived here for a year in 1985. It was pretty decrepit even back then. Looks like someone is trying to do some renos now, but it could be beyond repair.
DSCF1028  West coast fishboat off on a mission, near Alert Bay. DSCF1035  Another old logging engine, Woss, BC.  Woss, BC DSCF1036  Woss engine 2. DSCF1040  Woss engine 3.
DSCF1058  Abandoned steam donkey, Sayward, BC. I first saw this on my first visit to Vancouver Island, following a trip from Prince Rupert on the ferry to Kelsey Bay, with my parents, in 1978.  Steam donkey DSCF1054  Steam donkey 2. DSCF1060  Steam donkey 3. DSCF1063  Kelsey Bay log booming grounds.
DSCF1160  M.V. Frances Barkley.  M.V. Frances Barkley DSCF1161  M.V. Frances Barkley steaming in Bamfield. DSCF1075  Port Alberni from the water. Pulp mills R US.  Port Alberni DSCF1086  Lonely fish boat, Alberni Canal.
DSCF1087  Even lonlier. DSCF1105  Floating post office, Kildonan, BC. DSCF1103  Kildonan post office and wharf. DSCF1176  Bamfield, BC post office. Bamfield is a town on both sides of an inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. People mostly get around by boat or water taxi, there are few roads. Extensive boardwalks on both sides provide walking access to the various houses and other establishments in the town.  Bamfield
DSCF1180  Bamfield warning signs. You can die in various ways here. DSCF1118  Bamfield longshoreman. I couldn't resist snapping this guy's picture surreptitiously, as he looks really old school. He was waiting to assist in unloading the cargo our ship carried. DSCF1123  Bamfield. DSCF1133  Bamfield. Trying out the macro function of my camera for the first time.
DSCF1134  Another macro shot. DSCF1135  Bamfield boardwalk. DSCF1138  Boardwalk 2. DSCF1170  Boardwalk 3.
DSCF1149  I liked the transluceny effect of this pic, on the boardwalk, Bamfield. DSCF1154  Rainforest, Bamfield. DSCF1167  Bamfield cat house. DSCF1165  Bamfield cat house 2.
DSCF1200  Tug heading somewhere, Alberni Canal. DSCF1222  Kennedy Lake, near Long Beach.  Kennedy Lake DSCF1227  Kennedy Lake 2. DSCF1229  My good friend Dave H, who is totally horny about mushrooms, with a prime find.
DSCF1249  I was more interesed in photos than mushrooms. Our 'shroom picking area was one of the dankest pieces of rainforest I've ever been in. I can't resist mossy trees. DSCF1250  The forest floor here was so boggy and laden with rotting stumps and logs that it was hard to walk. Small trees, if you grabbed on for support, would sometimes pull right out of the ground. DSCF1353  Dave H in the background, at the fish hatchery where he works. DSCF1400  Dave and co-workers at the hatchery. It was hard to get a good photo of these guys, as they moved so fast. They were hauling males and females from the pools where they were mating, in order to fertilize eggs to raise at the hatchery, the fry to be released next year.
DSCF1362  More moss. DSCF1363  Rainforest to the max. DSCF1401  Bear country! DSCF1404  Chesterman Beach, near Tofino.
DSCF1407  Surfer girl, Chesterman Beach. Can I say that? OK, surfer woman. I guess I'm still stuck in the Beach Boys era. DSCF1415  The largest leaves on any plant I've ever seen, in Canada or elsewhere, Tofino, BC. I don't know what this is, but if I had it in my back yard, I'd put a guard on the door at night. Looks like giant rhubarb. DSCF1417  Running shoes on a power line, Tofino, BC. DSCF1426  Dave H and pals from their group, "Left at the Junction," rehearsing.
DSCF1452  Dave with his double bass. DSCF1479  House in Ucluelet. My friend Dave H and his family live here. I have a connection, as my father was stationed with an RCAF squadron of Cansos (flying boat) during WW2, on anti-submarine patrol.  Ucluelet DSCF1480  Ucluelet house 2. DSCF1484  Old logging engine, Port Alberni.
DSCF1485  Logging engine 2, Port Alberni. DSCF1487  Logging engine 3, Port Alberni. DSCF1490  Powered by Buddha? S0021519  The sign tells the story.  Cathedral Grove
DSCF1505  Trees in Cathedral Grove. The trees are so big here, it's really hard to get a picture that indicates their size, there is nothing for reference. DSCF1506  Trees 2. DSCF1530  Trees 3. DSCF1529  Trees 4.
DSCF1543  More mossy trees. Can't resist moss, for some reason. DSCF1546  Mossy branches. DSCF1550  Branches dripping with moss. DSCF1560  On the trail in Cathedral Grove.
DSCF1561  Tree growing out of, and around, a decomposing stump. DSCF1562  Sunlight in the grove. DSCF1548  A last mossy picture.