Some screen grabs from places I lived and worked in in the UK. More to come.
I lived in the UK in 1970-71. A few photos here.  Ealing. The first place I lived in London. Shared a flat with others and a friend who was at LSE. Cleveland St  Cleveland St., W1. We lived in a walkup slum flat on the 3rd floor in this building. Duke of York  The Duke of York, W1. Not far from my Cleveland St flat. A friend and I played a zillion games of fussball here against some Italians, and got pretty good at the game. the-old-bailey-building  The Old Bailey. I worked as a bricklayer's assistant on an addition to the ancient building, seen on the right. : old bailey, central criminal court, city of london, law, justice
Old Bailey addition  Close-up of Old Bailey addition. I lost my fear of heights for a while working on this job. Hillfield Ave  Hillfield Avenue. Lived in a communal house here for a time, but even using Google Street View I couldn't find it. Once was the Hornsey Motor Company  The Hornsey Motor Company, a motorcycle company for whom I worked, was in these two store fronts, shop out back. Paul - 1st day work as motorcycle mechanic, Hornsey Motor Company  Skinny Paul. End of 1st day as a mechanic, Hornsey Motor Company.
Hornsey  Working on an old BSA Gold Star in the back yard of our house in Hornesy, North London, 1970.  BSA Gold Star Fred - Hornsey Motorcycle Company  Fred. Awesome hands-on mechanic from Barbados, learned most of his trade on boat engines. Here working on a Triton. (Triumph engine, Norton featherbed frame). We nornally started our day by passing around a large "fatty." The Hope and Anchor Pub, near our home on Hillfield Ave  The Hope and Anchor Pub, near our home on Hillfield Ave. Old Speckled Hen  Hope and Anchor was in this building.