Images from some work situations in my life. Wish I had more variety - more to come.
After first day on job as motorcycle mechanic, Hornsey, North London  After first day of work as motorcycle mechanic, Hornsey Motor Company, Hornsey, North London Fred working on a Triton, Hornsey Motorcycle Company  Fred working on a Trtton, Hornsey Motor Company Paul H-Paul J  Paul Joyce and Paul Harris with HiAB truck Paul Joyce and the HiAB truck under an ore truck box  Paul Joyce and HiAB truck under ore truck box
Loading ore truck, Noranda Bell Copper Mine, Granisle, BC  Loading ore truck Ore truck, Bell Copper mine  Ore truck, Noranda Bell Copper mine Ore trucks on the ramp, winter  Ore trucks on the ramp Ore truck on the ramp in a snowstorm  Terex truck on the ramp in winter
Ore trucks on the ramp  Trucks on the ramp Loading a Terex truck  Loading a Terex truck Bell Copper Pit  Pit, Noranda Bell Copper Boom boat, Babine Lake  Boom boat, Babine Lake
Tug and barge, Northwood Timber  Tug and Barge, Northwood Pulp and Timber Tug and barge 2, Northwood Timber  Tug and barge Ron Hamilton in boom boat, Babine Lake  Ron Hamilton in boom boat Viking Princess, salmon troller, Sooke, BC  Viking Princess salmon troller, Sooke, BC
Dolphins  Dolphins formating on Viking Princess At Mastercraft Cabinets, Edmonton  I was "Mr Countertop" for a while, Mastercraft Cabinets, Edmonton. Photo is in front of the countertop saw. End boring machine 3  End boring machine I designed and built. End boring machine 1  End boring machine 2
Don Dodman sailboat 1  Don Dodman sailboat Don Dodman sailboat 2  Hatch and entrance Don Dodman sailboat hatch 1  My job was to replace rotting hatch and hatch rails Paul H Paul J
824 Johnson St Directory Boom boat City Centre Storage Lockers End boring machine 2
Johnson St office 1 Lectra Haul, Noranda Mines, Bell Copper Division Me at Mastercraft Cabinets Office 1
Office 2 Office 3 Quonset hut, Royston Rick and Linda Mastercraft Cabinets Edmonton
The Viking Princess salmon troller